Black Hair Extensions

The UK's Leading Black Human Hair Extensions

Have you ever considered black human hair extensions? Black hair has long seduced and intrigued the beholder. The glossy intensity of black hair means it holds a shine like no other shade in the colour spectrum. It frames the face, setting off the colour of the eyes, whether they are smoulderingly dark or brilliantly bright hued. It provides the perfect, silky backdrop to skin of different shades and can carry bright and intense colours in terms of fashion. In short, we just can’t get enough of the colour!

What Makes Our Black Remy Hair Extensions Different?

If you want to find black Remy hair extensions in the UK, look no further than Hickenbick Hair. We have all the tones, lengths, and styles you could wish for! We have pre-bonded Keratin extensions, which are famed for their long lifespan once they are bonded onto your natural hair. Resilient to wear, yet gentle on your own hair, our Keratin extensions will also perform well with ultrasonic devices and heat tongs, giving you more freedom with styling. More co

If you are short on time for a new mane of hair, our tape-in extensions wait for no one. The fastest way to transform your look, these extensions use flat adhesive strips with the newest generation slim to secure the extension in place and can be worn for an extended period. What’s even better is that these adhesive extensions can be re-used in the future, simply by purchasing replacement adhesive. Available in a range of colours including black and fantasy shades, say hello to a new and stunning you!

Check Out All of Our Black Real Hair Extensions

You may have heard of Microring or Microloop extensions. These do not require glue or heat to be fixed into the hair but instead rely on tiny copper coils to affix the extension to your real hair. This means there is little to no damage to your existing hair. Real hair extensions are available in black and a wide range of colours and at a standard 22-inch length, get ready to dazzle! If you are a lady who demands flexibility at breathtaking speeds, maybe wefts would be a good choice for you. You can choose how you attach a weft to your hair – glue, clips, or micro rings. The main advantage of a weft is that it’s like a curtain of beautiful glossy hair, meaning you can create length much faster, by covering a larger area. You can also “sew” in the weft by braiding your natural hair and using a hairpin to secure the weft in place. If you want a transformational look in a short time, wefts are best! Another quick and easy path to becoming the goddess you are is the clip in extension. In no time at all, you will be rocking a new sexy look.

We also have some amazing other products which are so fast and yet so good. Human ponytail extensions, clip-in bangs and human hair scrunchies are all speedy to use and give amazing results. You don’t need to wait months to grow your own hair to dazzling lengths, just use one of our luxury remy hair extensions – no tangling or knotting guaranteed.

If you are a black-haired beauty or, in fact, any other shade, we have black real hair extensions for you. Check out our range of colours, styles and lengths and embrace your inner goddess!