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Remy Hair Extensions - 5 Things You Need To know

Remy Hair Extensions - 5 Things You Need To know

If you are looking into purchasing hair extensions, you are sure to have seen the number of options available. With such an overwhelming selection, it can be hard to decide the best brand for you. But we are here to make it easy. Remy hair extensions are the preferred choice and for good reason.

But why choose Remy hair extensions? Here’s everything you need to know.

1. What are Remy Hair Extensions?

Remy hair extensions are those that are made from real human hair which makes them a very popular type of extension. The hair is collected and sorted with the root and tip travelling in the same direction, ensuring the cuticle is not damaged or tangled and creating a shiny, natural appearance.

2. Remy Hair Can be Coloured as You Desire

The last thing you need is to spend your hard-earned cash on hair extensions, only for them to become redundant when you change your hair colour. With Remy hair extensions, this will never be a problem. Made from natural hair, they can be coloured as often as you like to blend with your natural hair colouration, making them a versatile type of extension.

3. Remy Hair Gives You Freedom to Style

If you love to change your hairstyle daily then Remy hair extensions are the type to choose as they can be styled alongside your natural hair with ease. Apply heat as you like to create both straight and curly looks without worrying about your extensions melting like synthetic versions. Choose a different style every day of the week, confident that your extensions will enhance your look, whatever style you create.

4. Remy Hair Extensions Look Natural

When choosing hair extensions, you obviously want to find some that look and feel as natural as your own hair. Few extensions compare to Remys. Real, quality human hair, Remy extensions come with a cuticle layer intact which leaves the extension feeling healthy, soft and shiny - much like your natural hair so you won’t notice a transition in texture between your real hair and your extensions.

5. Remy Hair is Easy to Care For

A fantastic quality about Remy hair extensions is that you can apply products without stress. Use shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, oils, hair sprays and other hair care products safe in the knowledge that your extensions will enjoy the same benefits as your natural hair. If cared for properly, some Remy hair extensions can last up to two years!

Purchase Quality Hair Extensions

The best place to buy your Remy hair extensions? Hickenbick Hair. Supplying quality extensions worldwide, we are proud to be at the forefront of the industry. A wealth of knowledge, personalised advice and fantastic products are guaranteed. Colour matched to perfection, your Remy extensions will blend seamlessly with your natural hair, meaning you are able to start enjoying them the moment they arrive. Get in touch today!


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